Soho photoshoot with Kevin the Yorkshire Terrier

Kevin is a 13 year old Yorkshire Terrier who found her way to NYC via a breeder in Ireland. She was originally named Muffin, but one day was laying in bed one morning with her mom, Alex, who decided that Kevin suited her better, although she also goes by Kfed. I asked Alex about to describe Kevin to me before our shoot and she said "I believe Kevin has saved my life. She knows if something is wrong and will come and comfort me. She is such a loving creature. I don't know what I would do without her. Lovely love of my life. She loves to do her yoga several times daily. She does downward dog pose and after that stretches out by extending each of her back legs. She also likes to wake me up by digging at the bedding so l lift it up so she can snuggle against me under the blankets as well.". 

Some of Kevin's other favorite things in the world include eating bananas and relaxing in bed, which she has turned into a nest with all of her favorite things in it.