Harlem Photoshoot with Finn the Westie Puppy

Finn is a 7 month old Westie mix from New Hampshire. Finn was adopted by his mom, Jamie,  from Canine Commitment and it was love at first sight.  I asked Jamie about Finn and she said "His mom was rescued in Georgia and came to NH before having his litter. From the first time I saw his picture on the adoption agencies website, I was in love! I went and met him and I knew he was coming home with me. He is super lovable with amazing energy and a great demeanor. He also has those ears!!! He is the best dog, with so much personality. He loves to play with his toys and be around his people. He loves peanut butter and squeaky toys. I am so glad we found each other."

Some of Finn's favorite things in the world include food (so much food), squeaky toys, and snuggling with mom before bed.