When You Find A Lost Dog

Yesterday I was sitting down to dinner with my fiancé's family and we were waiting on her sister to come from work. When her sister arrived she had a dog with her. She told us that she had found this dog wondering in the road and brought it back because it was clearly lost, but unfortunately had no collar. The dog seemed to have just been groomed and was incredibly friendly. We found out through trial and error that the dog new several tricks (sit, shake, and hug at least), and we noticed that he also had a bandana around his neck from a local groomer. We contacted the groomer and they said that yes, this dog had just been in, and his name is Harley. Unfortunately we were unable to get in touch with Harley's owners and the groomers wouldn't give us their address, but now that we knew Harley was friendly and not going to be dangerous to anybody I thought it would be a good opportunity to get to know him. I sat out with him a while to get him used to me and the new environment and gave him more than a few treats. Harley was very playful and wanted nothing more than belly rubs and to run around. Once Harley seemed comfortable I thought I'd take my camera out so that we could go door to door with some pictures and ask if anybody knew where he came from while we waited on the groomers to keep trying Harley's owners. 

Harley lounging in the grass

This story does have a happy ending! Around 11pm that night we got a call from Harley's owners saying that they wanted to come and pick him up, so Harley is back home and safe with his family.