Photoshoot on the Upper West Side Frodo the Chihuahua and Sophie the Pomeranian Poodle

I had the pleasure of meeting Frodo, Sophie, and their humans John and Kathy last week at their apartment in NYC.

Frodo (named after the Lord of the Rings character) is a long hair chihuahua mix, was abused a left blind. However, he was rescued by the SPCA and adopted by J&K and you wouldn't know that he has ever had anything but a loving home. You probably wouldn't even be able to tell that he's blind! He's confident and has a very laid back personality. He adores NYC and all of the various smells that come with it and loves spending time in bed.


Sophie is a Pomeranian Poodle and was named for the character Sophie in Mamma Mia. She is a classic Diva! If somebody is petting Frodo, you better believe that she's going to be wondering why you aren't also petting her. In terms of energy she's the opposite of Frodo, she's very high energy! When she first moved to NYC she was not a fan, her humans even got fresh grass mailed to them each month because she didn't like the street! Likes include Central Park and squeaky toys.