Photo Session

Photoshoot with Lighthouse the Siberian Husky at The Edge Park in Brooklyn

When I met up with Lighthouse I was immediately struck by his intelligence. He seemed to know exactly what it was I was asking for him to do, but as his human, Jesse, put it: he is also stubborn enough to make the choice to not do it. Lighthouse also has one of the most interesting backstories I've heard:

When Jesse was spending some time in Greenland he found out that everyone there has a team of Greenlandic Huskies because there aren't many roads and there are no highways. In fact, there seemed to be more dogs than people! While Jesse was there he became enamored with them because they are "majestic, timeless beasts with an ancient lineage", and he made the decision to get one, which is how he came to get Lighthouse. I also asked Jesse how Lighthouse got his name, because it's an unusual name for a dog. It turns out that the longest word in the Greenlandic language is nalunaarasuartaateraliornialersaaraluaranimgooruna, which translates to "lighthouse", so Jesse named him that as an ode to the origin of his interest in getting him, but also because lighthouse are signifiers of safety and guidance, as well as being positive and vital features of earthly happiness and survival. In Jesse's words, it's the perfect name. Jesse adopted Lighthouse in 2015 when he was 9 weeks old, and they've been together ever since.

Photoshoot In Central Park With Dustin The Terrier

Photoshoot In Central Park With Dustin The Terrier

Dustin was adopted in June 2012 from New York City Care and Animal Control. He was only days away from euthanasia and was not allowed to leave the shelter without an experienced handler taking him in. He failed tests at the shelter with dogs, people, and kids, and was obviously maltreated in his former home. However, with lots of hard work he has turned into an amazing dog.

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